Tax and Accounting

Tax and accounting services


Filing tax returns across international borders can be a painful exercise. However all companies, from whichever jurisdiction, have a legal responsibility to comply with company law and make associated filings. Failure in this area can have serious consequences and incur large fines.

We offer a full compliance service and we make sure you are well informed about the process and your obligations as a company or an individual. We work with you to understand a complete view of your situation while also providing you with optimal solutions for a far less complicated life.

We specialise in managing compliance in the UK and Spain and also assist in all other major European countries and the USA. In order to achieve full compliance with the relevant authorities, all companies need to consider the following areas:


Financial Accounts

We can prepare accounts on your behalf, either in conjunction with your own bookkeeping systems or equally from records we keep for you (see bookkeeping services). We will ensure that your accounts are compliant with the relevant GAAP (generally accepted accounting principals) in both the UK and Spain.


We can prepare and file your VAT returns so as to comply with the laws and regulations of the relevant authorities.


We can manage all aspects of your payroll system from contracts to pay slips, and prepare and submit all necessary tax filings for both the UK and Spain.

Company formations

We can form companies in both Spain and the UK on your behalf. We can also do this for complicated structures, such as sucursal or subsidiary companies.

Personal taxation

We can assist you in the filing of a personal tax return in both the UK and Spain.

Tax filings

We can assist in all other tax filings which may arise so as to comply with the relevant authorities in both the UK and Spain.