Market Entry


With more than 20 years’ experience supporting the establishment of companies in the UK and Spain, End2End has an in-depth knowledge of how to make life simple for a small to medium size enterprise (SME).

We are proud to have been able to provide business structuring solutions that have contributed to the success of many businesses. More specifically, we work with the following guiding principles:

  • Identify customer needs and fully understand not only how their business works, but also how best it can evolve.
  • Provide relevant options and facilitate strategic choices.
  • Simplify the operating structure so that owners can understand it and work with it

Our clients can be looking to set up a permanent business presence in Spain or an international office in Spain. We can help to understand your business model and work through appropriate solutions with you.

The tax and regulatory environment is continually evolving across borders, so we ensure your structure is fully optimized to take advantage of all possible benefits, while also mitigating against any new or unexpected compliance issues.

Giving you specialist knowledge

By creating a range of services specifically tailored to a client’s needs, End2End has also been successful in bringing US, Israeli and UK companies into the Spanish market.

We hold specialist knowledge in this area, particularly in relation to the legal structure best suited to the specific holding company.

We can:

  • Assist with obtaining work permits for non-European staff members
  • Establish systems to deal with importation conditions and cross border VAT requirements for non-EU countries
  • Manage the initial company formation in Spain
  • Provide back office solutions including; banking, record keeping, employee records and fiscal representation in the specified country, interim management and outsourced CFO services.

We have examples of working with clients on market entry into the UK and Spain. At End2End we can use our specialist knowledge to work with you to simplify the process.

Here is a case study where we worked with a client to  Setting up a Euro Hub in Spain