Management Reporting

Updating bookkeeping


All businesses require a performance management system, not only for the purpose of managing teams, but also to enable the leadership to make informed, accurate and timely decisions to protect the financial health of the company.

To this end we can prepare management reports to suit your strategy, on a monthly, quarterly or half yearly basis. Our general working ethos in this regard is as follows:

  • Acquire a deep and up-to-date understanding of your business
  • Recommend reporting models
  • Deliver and evolve these as the business matures.

Management Accounts

We can prepare accounts on your behalf, either in conjunction with your own bookkeeping systems or equally from records we keep for you (see bookkeeping services). We will ensure that your accounts are compliant with the relevant GAAP (generally accepted accounting principals) in both the UK and Spain.

Cashflow Projections

We can prepare and file your VAT returns so as to comply with the laws and regulations of the relevant authorities.

Financial Mentoring

We are aware that finance is an area which many directors find challenging and we therefore offer a mentoring service to allow them to maximise their chances of success by simplifying their financial goals and objectives. Over the years we have mentored board members in this area, which has improved not only the company’s performance but also their own personal performance and led them to question and modify their operating styles.

Financial Guidance

In the preparation of business plans companies often neglect to dedicate enough resources or knowledge to this part of the operation, which can sometimes lead to ineffective financial management. We therefore offer a service which gives the managers/directors guidance in all financial matters pertaining to the business.

Financial Analysis

With the help of key performance indicators which we develop with the directors/managers, we can help you better understand your business. It may prove necessary to expand this to a full financial analysis of the business and examine all key ratios and the reasoning behind them in order to correct or reaffirm the strategy of the business.This is a universally adopted approach which gives directors/managers specific goals in key areas to ensure the company maximises its potential whilst simultaneously mitigating its risk.

Corporate Recovery

On occasion a company may find itself in difficulties, be it as a consequence of cashflow problems, a lack of profitability or force majeure. We have extensive experience in recovering and remedying such situations.

Strategic and Tactical Input

This service is aimed at giving our clients access to our entire range of specialist skills in order to formulate and execute their specific financial strategies. To achieve this we take an active role in the business in order to fully understand the fundamentals and goals of the company, with a view to supporting and challenging the strategy the directors are pursing. Traditionally this has proved to be a very popular service as it gives the directors direct access to a senior independent finance professional. It is of course important not to underestimate the value challenging the strategy and where necessary, modifying it.

Funding and Investment

All companies require funding and/or investment at some point in their lifetime.  We have first hand experience in the procurement of most types of funding and our expertise in this area can prove invaluable in deciding upon the correct route. We have assisted in the fund raising efforts of a variety of different businesses, all of which have successfully resulted in the provision of the requisite capital.