How much money is your small business owed?

At End2End, cashflow is something we help a number of clients with – it’s one of the most vital things to manage in any business, small or large.

There are some great resources online to help business of all size – and your accountant can always offer professional advice if you need it.

Here’s our round up of some of the best online resources:

The Business Advice Service

A wealth of information on cashflow management and other areas of support for startups, small businesses and beyond.


Great resource if you’re just starting up.


Loads of great advice for businesses of all sizes in terms of cashflow management.

Don’t get distracted: your business model needs real attention

How often has the day to day nitty gritting of running your business distracted you from thinking about your business model, plans for the future and goals?

Being busy can often mean we fill our days without properly taking stock of real business planning. What actually needs to be done today?

Is there a better, more efficient way of doing it than your current strategy.

Are the processes in your business as refined and crucially, defined, as they should be. Does everyone know what is expected of them and the best ways to achieve this?

A chartered accountant can actually help you with some of these business challenges.  Contact us to talk about how we can help.

The ICAEW Business Advice Service ran an interesting article recently about business owners getting distracted – to the detriment of their business.

Read it here: ICAEW BAS: don’t get distracted

If you want to be profitable, here’s some key business lessons to learn

GherkinIf you’re a business owner based in the UK, you might have been watching this year’s tasks in The Apprentice on BBC1.

As it’s a Friday afternoon, we thought you might be interested in reading the roundup of the business lessons we can learn from the – sometimes questionable – judgement of the 2013 candidates.

Aside from one team’s lack of understand that a shop actually needs stock, financially speaking, it seems incredible that in this week’s ‘farm shop’ task, one team decided to buy half of their stock from another farm shop, instead of from a farm or wholesaler – and they wondered why they weren’t profitable?

Read a full roundup on the financial and business lessons we can learn in the real world here:

The Apprentice Task 4: novelty meat, wholesale purchases and milkshakes